Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: The thirteenth season of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy premiered on September 22, 2016, in the United States on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and consisted of 24 episodes. The season was ordered on March 3, 2016, along with ABC’s other shows. Get all the relevant information about Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 through the below sections of this Couchtuner article.

The season is produced by ABC Studios, in association with Shondaland Production Company and The Mark Gordon Company; the showrunners being William Harper and Stacy McKee. For more ineresting updates on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 go through the below  webpage to get all the info on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13

People interested in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 can bookmark our webpage at Couchtuner for season wise updates on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13This season was the first not to feature Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres since her introduction in the second season, following her departure at the conclusion of the previous season. On February 10, 2017, ABC renewed Grey’s Anatomy for a fourteenth season.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premiere, Grey’s was finally ready to dive back into the thorny question of Meredith’s love life. Her tentative romance with Nathan Riggs was a huge storyline over the last 24 episodes — as were the turbulent love lives of quarreling couples like Alex and Jo, Owen and Amelia, and April and Jackson.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13

Of course, there’s more to Grey’s than just romance; there were also plenty of gnarly surgeries and (literally) explosive cliffhangers. Where did all 15 main cast members leave off during the Season 13 finale? Then check out the below entire article of Couchtuner for all the details on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 picks up right where it left off at Owen and Amelia’s wedding. After Alex Karev had found a drunk Jo Wilson with Andrew DeLuca in a compromising situation during the previous season’s finale, he beats Andrew to a pulp, sending him to the hospital and subsequently landing Alex in jail. Meanwhile, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) continues to pursue Meredith Grey after their recent sexual encounter, though Meredith has trouble letting go of her late husband, Derek Shepherd.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13

Meredith Grey admits to Meredith that she has a crush on Nathan, unaware of Nathan and Meredith’s blossoming relationship, and asks him out, only to be rejected. Maggie is later faced with a bigger issue when she discovers that her adoptive mother has cancer and has come to Grey-Sloan for treatment; her mother eventually passes away. As Chief of Surgery, Miranda Bailey appoints Meredith as Head of General Surgery and hires Eliza Minnick to run the training aspect of the hospital.

During the season finale, a rapist is admitted to the hospital and attempts to attack Stephanie Edwards and a young girl. Stephanie starts a fire to escape the attacker, resulting in the entire hospital being destroyed. Owen’s missing sister, Megan, is found and transported to Seattle; Meredith reveals this to Nathan and encourages him to return to Megan, whom he was engaged to before she was abducted.

Characters of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

Grey's Anatomy Season 13

  • Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey
  • Justin Chambers as Dr. Alex Karev
  • Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey
  • James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber
  • Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt
  • Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins
  • Sarah Drew as Dr. April Kepner
  • Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery
  • Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd
  • Camilla Luddington as Dr. Jo Wilson
  • Jerrika Hinton as Dr. Stephanie Edwards
  • Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce
  • Jason George as Dr. Ben Warren
  • Martin Henderson as Dr. Nathan Riggs
  • Giacomo Gianniotti as Dr. Andrew DeLuca

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