Couchtuner: Watching TV Series and Movies streaming online has now become a trend and people actually love it rather than just going to cinemas and spend their money on tickets. Out of everything, there are actually a lot of sites online which you can refer to in order to watch all your favorite movies and along with that, some of them turn out to be genuine, while some don’t. So, one of the most genuine sites out there is the Couchtuner which allows you to stream all your favorite movies of all the genres.


CouchTuner is an online streaming website. This webiste offers free online TV streaming from early 2010. The CouchTuner turned as a .com because it expanded to dozens of countries with specific domain extensions. Movie streaming has always been one of the best thing online which you would do and to save all the money. To help you all we from Couchtunerone have provided you with a number of movies streaming on our webpage. You can bookmark our page at for more interesting updates.

Couchtuner – Movies & TV Series Streaming at Couchtuner

CouchTuner is a pirate site, and all their TV episodes are illegal. This legalization may vary depending on where you live. Couch Tuner has a long history, and they are reliable. We can see that the instances of viruses and malware injected through the advertisements to our device. But the actual content at CouchTuner is safe. So, do not click on Advertisements when you are using this CouchTuner 2.0. People who are interested can know more details about CouchTuner can follow our website. You can also bookmark our site for more latest daily updates.

Couchtuner – Privacy Info

As we already told that CouchTuner is a pirated website, so this means that Couchtuner is actually not legal. But does this mean that you can’t stream your favorite TV shows from it? No! You can actually watch everything from this site and watch everything for free, but it is always recommended that you visit this site with a VPN just to save your privacy.


When you are using this CouchTuner website, there are a lot of advertisements which may ask you to update your media player. These ads are absolute to mislead you. If you do click on these ads, you will be taken to download malware or virus rather than to update your media player or to sign up for the account. CouchTuner does not require any account to watch streaming videos. This CouchTuner TV Streaming Site is like any other movie Streaming Site This is illegal, may cause the virus.

Couchtuner Domain Working

Couchtuner has since then changed into a lot and has been changing itself into many sub domains which include .fr or .ag, something which allows people to stream it without any issues. People use Couchtuner to watch all their favorite shows or movies, be it the latest shows or dating back to the old TV shows or movies, without having to pay money to buy the movies or rent it. People use this site for streaming any of the premium shows or movies too, which you actually can’t find anywhere else.


If you want to know the latest working domain of Couchtuner, the working one at the time of writing this post is and you can easily copy and paste this link in the URL bar of your browser and start browsing this site easily. People can find your favorite TV show by name. The only disadvantage of CouchTuner is after finding shows also, you have to search again for season and episodes. People who are interested can know more details about CouchTuner can follow our website.

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